Candorful Coach Spotlight: Dan del Sobral, Managing Director at Strategy&

I got an email that mentioned Candorful, and I was immediately intrigued by it. Candorful aligns with my skills and experience since I know quite a bit about hiring and interviewing. Also, it felt personal for me given my own military background – my dad was career Air Force, and I was a JMO in the Navy after a ROTC scholarship. It’s become a neat way to contribute to a culture of volunteering in a way that is meaningful, fun and fulfilling for me.

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When your day starts with a grateful email from a Candorful client: A happy peak into the @Candorful email inbox….  On Fri, Aug 16, 2019 at 9:41 AM Zeke Sweet wrote: To: Megan, Candorful Interview Coach Cc: Hi Megan,  Sorry it has taken so...

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Let’s Get Specific – Telling your story in job interviews

Candorful cofounder, Pete Sukits, explains why it's crucial to lay out your action and impact when in front of an interviewer. Tell me about a time you had to influence a team towards a specific outcome. Easy enough, right? Here it goes. “Well, I was the US military...

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My interview skills Top 5

by Laurie Sedgwick, Candorful Interview Coach and Director of Career Management, Executive MBA Programs and Alumni, Cornell University Practice, practice, practice.  A rookie mistake in interviewing is thinking you can wing it. I hear all too often from a client that...

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What is “Personal Brand” Anyway?

Understanding and developing your (personal) brand can be a difficult subject for many people, and often requires many working variables. Some of the variables that enhance your brand include experience, education, recommendations, and other notable achievements which can be gained both personally and professionally. To sum it up, your brand is a direct representation of yourself.

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