Team Candorful presents another Job Interview Gem. Thank you Stephen Elliott for sharing this jewel.

Stephen’s answer to the question: What do you wish every Candorful candidate (job seeker) knew?

“Service members are accustomed to being able to judge someone’s rank and experience through visible insignia, patches, and medals. In the private sector, this information is RARELY visible, and can be further obscured by different corporate cultures. You might be interviewed by a person in a T-shirt and jeans who is also a senior manager or director with over fifteen years of experience. When an interviewer does something you weren’t expecting, focus on your reaction. If you don’t make assumptions and respond to their questions with respect and professionalism, you’ll Nail That Interview!â€

This is a great one! When you are sitting across from an interviewer and they are behaving in a way that you aren’t loving, it’s not your job to judge it. It’s your job to sell your skills and your fit with the role. If your interviewer is texting on her phone when you feel she should be listening to you, it’s your job to figure out a cooperative and positive way to deal with it. If your interviewer is wearing a backward baseball cap and a torn T-shirt, you carry on as if you expected it. It is very common to see highly casual clothes at tech companies, start-ups, and, in particular, Amazon. Yes, YOU should look neat, but the interviewer’s dress code is not your concern.

Advice for bringing your A-Game:
It is ALWAYS ok to ask the recruiter you are working with what proper dress code for the interview is. If the response isn’t as clear as you’d like, lean towards the formal side. It shows respect.

Thank you Stephen!

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