Candorful is happy to present #4 in the Series of Job Interview Gems from the Candorful Coaching Community. 

We asked our community of volunteer interview coaches (who are from all over the US and from world class companies) one question:

**What do you wish every Candorful candidate (job seeker) knew?** 

This time Alan Nelson, CFP®, MBA, ChFC® jumps in to answer the question:

“The importance of networking and informational interviews:
Simply submitting applications to a ton of roles is a great way not to get hired, and in the digital age where people can apply to jobs from all over the world, having an advocate inside the company is even more important. Doing informational interviews is one of the best ways to learn about a company or role while simultaneously finding people working at the company that will likely be advocates for you and significantly increasing your chance for an interview.”

Oh this gem is a GIFT to us all! And so true. Without Networking we are dead in the water. Candorful is all about setting realistic expectations and here is one: You may have to network with 100 people to land the job. But the advantages are huge.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Steve Dalton agreed (author of the amazing book. “The 2 Hour Job Search”)

Thank you Alan Nelson, CFP®, MBA, ChFC®…and guess what?! We have 2 more gems coming from Alan down the road!

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