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Job Interview Gems from the Candorful Coaching Community (3rd in the Series) - Candorful

Candorful is happy to present #3 in the Series of Job Interview Gems from the Candorful Coaching Community. 

For those who are new to the series, we asked our community of volunteer interview coaches (who are from all over the US and from world class companies) one question:

**What do you wish every Candorful candidate (job seeker) knew?**

Candorful Coach @Robert Stern tackles that one thing that can make us shake in our army boots; THE ELEVATOR PITCH!

“When delivering your elevator pitch, you should do 2 things: Connect the dots between your resume and the job description, and express self-confidence that you’re a great fit for that job.”

Great advice Bob Stern!

Watch for more sparkling gems from #CandorfulCoaches soon!

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