Team Candorful presents another Job Interview Gem. Thank you Alan Nelson for sharing ANOTHER jewel.

Alan’s answer to the question: What do you wish every Candorful candidate (job seeker) knew?

“If the candidate gets an interview, then she/he has already met the minimum requirements for the job. Companies do not have time to interview people they don’t think meet the minimum requirements. Now it’s your job to lose. You have to demonstrate your skills, but also remember to show the human side of you. People hire the people they like and want to work with, not necessarily the very most qualified.”

Ahhh, “likeability”. This is speaking to that “fit” that we always hear about. So how do you prepare for this? THE best way to inform yourself about what will be important to show fit will be informational interviews and networking with other employees. Observe who they are and how they act. Ask them questions about how they perceive the culture and what people are like when (and if) they hang out. Ask lots of questions!
BE SURE to spend some time to remind yourself what you like about yourself. Let that shine through and even be prepared to talk about something that interests you! Are you a drummer, bird watcher, biker, house-flipper, artist, hiker, ice cream or wool aficionado? Let this part of you out. It makes you an interesting human.

Thank you for this 2nd gem in our series of 6 (so far), Alan Nelson, CFP®, MBA, ChFC®, MQFP®

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