Candorful is happy to present #2 in the Series of Job Interview Gems from the Candorful Coaching Community. 

For those who are new to the series, we asked our community of volunteer interview coaches (who are from all over the US and from world class companies) one question:

**What do you wish every Candorful candidate (job seeker) knew?**

This time, Candorful Coach @Ryan Meader shines this advice on Job Interview Gems::

“Most of us find it extremely difficult to mentally comb through the breadth of our careers, pick the right experience, with the right scope/data/results, to answer an interview question within 5 seconds after being asked. Even if we picked the right one, did we even tell the story right? Instead, take the time to identify the top 10 stories you want to tell, the stories that highlight the most impactful moments of your career, when you overcame obstacles, went above and beyond, or learned something valuable. Then, practice telling those stories in the STAR format with quantifiable results – if you’ve deliberately thought through the stories in detail, then it’s much easier to modify your retelling on the spot in order to answer a variety of different interview questions.”

Great advice Ryan Meader!

Watch for more sparkling gems from #CandorfulCoaches soon!

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