By Megan Hanik, Candorful Interview Coach

Does Candorful focus on preparation for job interviews? YES, and you can leverage so much more out of that practice interview experience.

Transitioning from military service to a civilian professional career requires persistence, grit, and determination.  The comfort level with how to best explore, network, interview, negotiate and ultimately land a job varies and can be scary. Candorful clients are often in varying stages of their job search journeys. The cherry on top is that Candorful can provide an experience with great coaches who provide you with cues and clues to work through the often confusing and lengthy process. Candorful coaches can meet you where you are in your journey and provide customized coaching where needed.

It is true that coaching conversations can focus solely on tactically preparing for an upcoming interview. This alone has tremendous value. However, the brilliance of coaching is that it also has the potential to focus on how to get your foot in the door, learn the industry lingo, and/or aid in identifying the types of roles and competencies that you can best shine based on your experiences.

Whatever stage you are in, it is important to realize three things:

  1. Be prepared and lean in: You only get what you put into something, so bring your whole self. State what you want to get out of your time with your coach, dress the part to get into “the zoneâ€, be prepared with insightful questions, and be specific about the roles you are interested in (i.e. stating you want to be a generalist will result in general questions and a general overall experience), and most of all …. be your authentic self.
  2. It’s ok to ask for help: It’s hard to be vulnerable, we have all had to seek support and help to get us on the right track at some point in our careers. Candorful is a program focused on career transition, so let us do what we do and be here for you! Start the conversation by (a) sharing with your coach where you are in the journey and (b) from your point of view, what’s working, what’s not working, and areas that you would like to focus on (i.e. have you noticed that you say the word “uhm†a lot, or that you feel like your answers ramble, or that you aren’t connecting with the interviewer?)
  3. Each one of us is creative, resourceful and valuable: Career and interview coaching  is a positive experience. Every candidate who has come through the Candorful program has value to bring to a hiring organization. The process is just as much about learning about yourself as it is about honing your interview skills so that your fullest potential is evident to anyone you encounter.

From Candorful Coach and HR professional Megan Hanik’s point of view, “When I reflect on pivotal career moves that I have made, I also think of the mentors and coaches that helped me along the way. Without individuals who were willing to invest the time, energy and focus on helping me to realize my strengths, evolve my thinking and constantly improve upon my shortcomings, I would not be in the position that I am today. I want to be able to give that same sense of encouragement, and confidence to others.â€

Now is your time to shine, learn, grow, and take that next step. Be a part of something special and engage Candorful today ( 

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